Some only boast of large soft drinks, we propose, we the best choice between several sparkling waters, but also serve Champagne.

To enable our customers to benefit from a certain expertise and a pro-active management of their infrastructure, we use the same products on their site and in our datacenter while ensuring the monitoring of all 24 ** 7.

Savings on computer technologies... compelling and yet impossible?

C2D System House transforms this challenge really comprehensive expertise in virtualization across the infrastructure, which mixes high benefits of range and best open-source and commercial products.

Availability, accessibility, security... every day, C2D System House customers find that its promises of a functional and powerful but affordable infrastructure are not fantasy.

It is a dream come true with C2D System House daily commitment and its range of virtualization, which is based on an eco-system of benefits high-end allied to the best products, trading as open-source. Ensure that customers receive both a cross-expertise and proactive in their (s) network (s) management, C2D System House uses the same products on servers installed in its datacenter (private cloud) and the site of its customers (on premise).

While ensuring the monitoring of all 24 * 7, because customer service is not a vain Word for C2D System House: if it is impossible that a system is never breaks down, his job consists of what that does never happen when used by its customer.

With its solution WebTVLive, C2D System House makes video streaming available 24/24 in mode SaaS, online as offline.

Accounting and management software, C2D System House has some expertise on Sage BOB 50.