About C2D

C2D System House is a 100% independant IT services and engineering company founded in 1992 in Belgium. Also present in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg since 2007, it provides professional services to companies (SMBs and large accounts) as well as to administrations.

Its experienced staff uses a portfolio of products and softwares intended for professional use only, following standardized approach and methods. These methods are organised around recognized standards (mainly ITIL) and first and foremost aim at a way of thinking and a structuring of the means to obtain conclusive results in a pragmatic way.

From audit to remote network control (professional services), from secured authentication to deployment through virtualization and high availability, from Disaster Recovery Plan to private cloud, from collaborative software to accountancy software… as a specialized partner attentive to its clients’ needs, C2D System House is able to provide a range of services “à la carte” depending on the problems encountered.

Its single goal is a long-term relationship based on a proactive customer service that guarantees a quality infrastructure, available an affordable.

Our values

Willingness of C2D System House is to permanently consolidate the construction of a group that exclusively offers solutions which rely on proven and perennial technologies (open-source or commercial), implemented by a highly qualified team.

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