C2D System House conducts comprehensive deployments on Windows XP and Windows 7 environments, the operating system’s distribution with its pilots on the basis of an automatic detection of the equipment from the server as well as the distribution of the applications, repackaged if necessary and deployed on the desktops, regardless of the user’s profile.

Deployment of servers

Operations that must be performed during the automatic deployment of servers require some manual interventions. This deployment however remains completely transparent for the user, since the implementation occurs only once the preparation phase is terminated.

Deployment of physical desktops

C2D System House masters both automatic workstation deployment techniques, namely the « silent » method and the use of tables (see box).

In practice, it is generally machines running under Windows, whose profiles’ operation (set of parameters for each user) has no secret for C2D System House’s engineers, both at the level of files and backup.  
The deployment of desktops is made via the Novell ZEN Works software. Just as, in a store, a PC is sold with an installation CD/DVD and with a series of utilities (graphic card, sound card, etc), C2D System House provides the same type of packages to its customers, with one difference : instead of a CD/DVD, support of this package is the company’s server itself, where softwares are installed. C2D System House conducts the depackaging of these applications: it « undoes » the initial package, looks how it works and « packs » the package back.
Thus, connect a new PC on the network returns to plug it and simply push on a button in order to automatically install all the features, without the intervention of a specialist.  
Programs are being installed on the PC depending on the needs and assignments of the person who connects, without his intervention other than a simple click on the program icon that he/she wants to start.  

Virtual desktop deployment

Since 2012, C2D System House also specializes in « Virtual Desktop Infrastructure » (VDI). In this case, it is not a server that deploys its content on the different PC anymore, but PCs are transformed into simple terminals connected to a high capacity server that starts virtual PCs as many times as there are people who connect on it.

If the deployment functionality remains the same as in a physical desktops deployment context, this is the method that differs... while some benefits are added: the deployment is not only 10 times faster, but the ability of a company to restart its activity in the twinkling of an eye if needed, from C2D System House’s datacenter (version française : mettre un point après « C2D System House » et avant « où est stocké ») where the original or a copy of the physical server is stored (and why not the IP telephony), on which virtual PCs depend.

After several projects using the major sales brands of the filed, C2D System House is now the Belux distributor of the FOSS Group open-source solution.