With comprehensive expertise for the entire IT infrastructure, C2D System House is the virtualization expert, for which it offers a range of products from servers to desktops.  

Many public institutions and private companies in as diverse sectors as finance, consulting firms or audiovisual trust C2D System House to ensure high availability of their virtualized data centers, whether deciding to keep them in their own premises or to install them in C2D System House’s datacenter.

High Availability

As shown in the "Virtualization, Security and Replication" chapter, C2D System House’s teams are used to high availability configurations that ensure continuity of IT services to its customers. These configurations are based on clusters of servers connected to redundant networks. That means that files storage systems are grouped by copying the same files in two separate physical locations at the same time.

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When a customer entrust the designing of a network management IT system to C2D System House, its engineers offer a virtualization of the servers, that is to say the virtualization of all network services (files, messaging, printing, etc). Since 2012, C2D System House has completed the circle of its expertises in virtualization, supplemented by that of desktops.

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