High Availability

As shown in the "Virtualization, Security and Replication" chapter, C2D System House’s teams are used to high availability configurations that ensure continuity of IT services to its customers. These configurations are based on clusters of servers connected to redundant networks. That means that files storage systems are grouped by copying the same files in two separate physical locations at the same time.

C2D System House starts several physical clusters and one virtual logical server that runs on a physical server.  If the physical server disappears, the logical server restarts elsewhere.

Clusters can also be established at the level of the services, therefore the operating systems: several virtual servers running on several physical servers are ready to distribute the files and consequently to become file servers. Thus, if a service is not responding on a machine, another instantaneously takes over, with a shorter and more transparent reaction time for the users.

As explained in the chapter « A secure virtualization affordable for SMBs », high availability is not only reserved to large companies, thanks to the use of open-source (savings in software licensing) and the deep expertise of C2D System House’s engineers in XEN virtualization (technically and functionally mature), supplemented by its state-of-the-art monitoring services.