When a customer entrust the designing of a network management IT system to C2D System House, its engineers offer a virtualization of the servers, that is to say the virtualization of all network services (files, messaging, printing, etc). Since 2012, C2D System House has completed the circle of its expertises in virtualization, supplemented by that of desktops.

The principle of virtualization is: a powerful physical computer is behind the operation of a range of other computers which no longer exist physically, but strictly logically on this powerful server.

Virtual machines are therefore distributed in the best possible way on the physical machine according to the respective charges. This proven resource optimization technology of the park of machines is financially very attractive for companies, since it is the source of a drastic reduction in terms of servers purchase and thus in terms of maintenance costs and power consumption.

XEN, ultra-performance under the hood

C2D System House has chosen to work with XEN, the open-source virtualization platform (« hyperviseur »), regularly chosen by the largest datacenters, ideally suited for SMBs and able to virtualize all network services: mail servers, fileservers, print servers, firewalls, etc.  

Managing 4 or 5 virtualized networks for a same company on a regular basis (company, wifi, access provider, etc), its engineers have a strong and valuable experience in Windows, Netware and Linux virtualization, in both XEN and its competitors with a high level of awareness. C2D System House controls the specific characteristics of these environments, in terms of performance as well as fault tolerance.

However, if C2D System House is surely capable of using other hypervisors when they are already used in the IT system of the customer, its teams only offer XEN (and KVM) as part of their offerings. XEN’s strength is indeed multiple.  

First, it belongs to an open-source community (no licenses to pay), that is extremely active in terms of development and problem solving.
Then, from a technological point of view, XEN is exactly at the same level as the one of its commercial competitors. Although XEN doesn’t necessarily bring the same management consoles, its ease of use is ensured by C2D System House in particular through the use of graphic open-source management consoles that advantageously replace the attractive interface of some competitors.  
But XEN’s ease of use and especially XEN’s performance depend on the engineers who take responsibility for it. It is the mastery of the “engine” under the hood of XEN by C2D System House that provides the best possible setting during the preparation phase of the project. Knowing that « virtualization mechanics », uncommon on the market, are not afraid to stuck their head into the engine later if necessary.
As a result: it’s not unusual for XEN to be 10 times faster than its competitors whose configuration was botched!

Virtualization,  security and replication

In a classic virtualization solution, at the level of the physical « big computer », C2D System House dedicates particular physical network adapters that are attached to firewall virtual cards. Each physical network adapter sees only one thing on this server: this firewall.

A company wishing an even more secure solution will be offered to install a second « dom0 », that is to say a second powerful physical computer.
One can choose to run it on empty or to run both the computers at half their capacities, in order that the content of one can easily be copied to the other that would come to stop working. This is the « asynchronous replication ».

The ultimate stage of security to maintain the high availability of the systems does not consist in using two independent computers requiring manual operations of copy, but in using two computers connected to two storage systems replicated themselves outside the environment.
Whether working on one server or the other, one thus writes in a common storage area (« synchronous replication ») and, if one stops, the recording continues on the other automatically through a cluster.

C2D System House internally uses the same technologies as its customers, who can moreover chose to realise a complete backup of their computers on a dedicated server situated in C2D System House’s datacenter. So if their server, even their complete system, fails internally, they will be able to recover their machines and remotely restart them at C2D System House, because it is not simply the data that are being protected in its datacenter, but their complete server.

Companies whose servers and/or backup are located in C2D System House’s datacenter can connect on a secure portal (name, password and token). Hence, their users can easily connect, safely, to their work environment.

Secure virtualization affordable for SMBs

Most of the time, a configuration ensuring high availability, with internal clusters and replication in an external datacenter is only possible if the customer has hundreds of thousands of Euros… unless, rightly, his IT service provider only uses open-source softwares to perform them.
Regarding the volume of data processed in the majority of businesses, these kinds of hyper-secure virtualization solutions, with replication in C2D System House own datacenter, reach thousands of Euros. For the same functionalities and adequate performances.

Savings are also due to a smaller over-sizing of the infrastructures. In order to ensure the traffic and the transfer speed necessary to the satisfactory operation of the customer’s system, C2D System House uses “classic” network cards and switches, where some people opt for an equipment that costs… 10 to 40 times the price of standard equipment.  
C2D System House can afford this choice for the simple reason that the performance (traffic and transfer rate) is continuously measured in real time, thanks to its monitoring expertise. Alert functionalities in its tools allow C2D System House to address very quickly and permanently any potential equipment gap.