Monitoring 24*7

Whether C2D System House’s customers have chosen to install their infrastructure in its « private cloud » or to keep it totally or partly on premises, they can rely on a 24h/24, 7d/7 and 365 days a year supervision, thanks to the use of very sophisticated monitoring tools.

Above all else, these tools continuously and in real time check the good running of the company’s network services, that is to say their availability (reachable or not) and the state (utilization percentage) of each network feature or functionality within a computer.
Any challenging event (failure or exceeding of a threshold) is automatically detected and can generate the automatic opening of a « service request », which means sending an e-mail or an SMS to the C2D System House’s technical support and/or to the customer, to solve the problem as quickly as possible.
To do this, it simply needs to install at the customer’s location a mini server that communicates with the monitoring consoles installed in C2D System House’s datacenter, where the monitoring data are collected. C2D System House provides access to adequate monitoring consoles to its customers wishing to conduct internal monitoring.  

The system set up by C2D System House enables it to control, for each customer, dozens of network services and, for each machine, between 5 and 20 functions. These include the used disk space, the response time of the network depending on the bandwidth consumed, the processor load, the available memory capacity, the storage, the smooth functioning of a backup, as well as the number of visitors who are watching a videostream on the customer’s website.

The constable of network performance

“How many users connect to this service every Tuesday between 8.00 and 12.00 AM ? ». This is one of the many questions to which each C2D System House customer can easily answer thanks to its monitoring tools, which are true aids for proactive analysis. Indeed, warned of the scalability of one of its systems, the customer can prepare an adequate response in advance.
The monitoring proposed by C2D System House also facilitates the identification, without any possible doubt, of the cause of a failure… which is more often a matter of application level than of network itself.

Implement is a good thing… management is indispensable

Experience has shown that the choice of monitoring is not enough and that it is still necessary to properly configure the system to make it easy to manage and to totally avoid the pitfall of counter-productivity.
Amongst other things, it is essential to define which are the daughter alarms to eliminate the possibility of receiving unnecessary ones. Otherwise, in case of temporary failure of the Internet access, the system would send an unavailability alarm for the backup service, another for the processor and another one for each service that depends on the Internet access.  

An IT system is alive, its initial configuration has to constantly evolve. Unfortunately, there are many companies that don’t devote the requisite time for it and, eventually, give up their monitoring project, because they receive too many alarms. However, an on-going review of the configuration allows for example to easily avoid many alarms, such as the one that is activated when an internal technician switches off a server to work on it.