Hosting Center

C2D System House chose to install its infrastructures in one of eBRC’s datacenter in Windhof (Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg). It rents racks aimed at receiving its servers, whose computing power is then rent to its customers (« housing » or « private cloud »). It should be noted that some customers prefer to buy servers of their own and install them in C2D System House’s datacenter, therefore using « hosting ».

The purpose of this infrastructure is to host customer’s applications (even their own SaaS offer towards their clients), their data, their backups, their virtual desktops and their servers with confidence.

The company using daily the « private cloud » offer has therefore directly online access to its network services (programs, operating systems, etc). Even better, it can continue to do so when encountering a disaster, as C2D System House also offers its platform for Disaster Recovery Plans or for the Business Continuity of its customers. Its infrastructure is always accessible and available, but also at any time secure.

C2D System House datacenter’s excellence at eBRC, the latter being PSF agreed (« Professionnel du Secteur Financier »/Professional of the Financial Sector), is reflected in its the high level of its various certifications. These include: ISO 27001 (information security management system) and ISO 20000 (respect of the edited quality standards during the phases, controls and processes put in place), not forgetting Tier IV, the highest guarantee in the field of security.

Data security and business continuity are thus ensured both by the datacenter and C2D System House engineer’s expertise. Two assets in addition to those of virtualization in terms of resource optimization for the computers installed base and in terms of cost savings due to pooling.


Our XEN infrastructure is available to host your private servers (Windows or Linux), available via a secured interface (SSL access) and a strong OTP authentication of Vasco type.


The space of the 19" racks dedicated to C2D System House at eBRC’s may also be rented by the C2D System House customers preferring to use their own servers.  
The datacenter where these servers are hosted is a secured Tier IV datacenter, which is the highest security level, with a 99,995% availability rate.

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C2D System House’s infrastructure guarantees that its customer’s infrastructure is always available, accessible and secured in the normal course. But how to extend this guarantee to exceptional unfavourable circumstances every company may unfortunately encounter, whether it be a SMB, a large account or a public institution? 

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  • SaaS

    Some companies, such as trustees, wish to enrich their offer towards their customers by giving them the possibility to use their own software in hosted mode. That is to say in « SaaS » (software as a service) mode or « in the cloud » (cloud computing). The experienced team of C2D System House precisely offers this kind of hosting service in a proven technical infrastructure, with a totally secure access (« https » protocol, username, password and OTP), without any investment.