C2D System House’s infrastructure guarantees that its customer’s infrastructure is always available, accessible and secured in the normal course. But how to extend this guarantee to exceptional unfavourable circumstances every company may unfortunately encounter, whether it be a SMB, a large account or a public institution? 

In doubling the infrastructure in a backup site hosted within C2D System House’s datacenter, located in the Grand-Duchy of Luxembourg.

Indeed, an information system based on a single location nowadays makes it impossible to control the disaster recovery time.
The creation of such a backup site is undoubtedly complex to implement. It is however not necessarily as expensive as what one might fear, if opting for its hosting and pooling in a well-known datacenter managed by experts… using open-source solutions (no license fees).
It is precisely its comprehensive solution, as efficient as cost-effective, that C2D System House offers in order to implement the Disaster Recovery Plan (DRP) or the Business Continuity Plan (BCP) of its customers. Together, C2D System House and its customer define the preparatory studies, strategies, processes and resources that will ensure the company’s vital functions in the event of crisis.

In fine, this rescue plan will assure, in case of major incident, the rebuilding of the customer’s infrastructure and the start-up of its applications on the very next day after the disaster.