Some companies, such as trustees, wish to enrich their offer towards their customers by giving them the possibility to use their own software in hosted mode. That is to say in « SaaS » (software as a service) mode or « in the cloud » (cloud computing). The experienced team of C2D System House precisely offers this kind of hosting service in a proven technical infrastructure, with a totally secure access (« https » protocol, username, password and OTP), without any investment.


Through its WebTVLive offer, C2D System House also specializes in dedicated video streaming servers hosting, for live and/or delayed streaming. And this with the usual 24/24 availability guarantee of C2D System House. Now, any company wishing to operate video on its website can do so in a professional way, without excessively open the purse strings.

Our servers can manage the live broadcast of events recorded via your SDI-HD broadcast units, and broadcast them live on your website. We have already broadcasted numerous events live, like soccer games or concerts. 

You are at all times able to browse our 24/7 live broadcast services on RTC Télé Liège’s website. We also invite you to visit their V.O.D. service, which is also hosted in our datacenters.

Considering its growing success, our WebTVLive business unit will soon be hosted on a new entirely dedicated website.