The priority of priorities for C2D System House: a customer quality and high-speed service. This is why a very short SLA (Service Level Agreements) are proposed.

Except, the support infrastructure created by C2D System House services can be performed remotely by its skilled engineers and are effectively. Travel and other charges are therefore limited to maximum, ensuring for the most affordable price/quality. If necessary, repair - or, more specifically, most of the time, the coordination of support - are course performed on the client's site.
Customers with no internal it Department, the support organization is as follows: "key users" who were unable to resolve themselves a problem that has been disclosed the send by e-mail or by phone to support C2D System House. So open the support request is processed by C2D System House engineers by users at the root of the issue (business application / network administrator / system engineer).

When the client has its own it Department, C2D System House is responsible for the 2nd line support. The applications are divided according to skills and experience of its system engineers in the various products of the catalogue of C2D System House.