A company can rely on a quality information system when it is run by a reliable partner who offers professional services, advanced expertise in the most advanced areas such as security, virtualization or high availability, and can let him benefit from a state-of-the-art datacenter.
However, this company will only receive full benefit of its IT under a specific condition: the softwares daily used by its employees must be able to help them performing their tasks easily and reliably.

This is why C2D has selected a set of professional open-source and commercial softwares from (inter)national editors, with whom a direct access to their technical support has been signed up.  
C2D System House moreover applies the rule that enables it to offer its customers the most unique possible expertise: these softwares, from collaboration to accountancy or Web content management, not forgetting the tools that go along with its technical services, are all daily used by C2D System House’s teams.


C2D System House, as a « well shod shoemaker », internally uses the solutions listed in its catalog. This is the case of the open-source collaborative software (« groupware ») Groupwise (e-mail, contacts management, calendar, tasks), seamlessly integrated with Vibe, software on which C2D System House’s knowledge sharing portal is based on.

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C2D System House’s services are organised on the basis of the recommendations of the ITIL framework (« Information Technology Infrastructure Library »). In other words, they meet a set of standards/best practices recognized on the market as the best to put in place to achieve an efficient management of a company’s information system.

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With a long experience as a Cubic reseller, C2D System House internally uses its successor, Sage BOB 50, a platform for SMBs including accounting, business and financial management.

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Content Management

A quality presence on the Web has become a must for any company. In the early 2000s, C2D System House chose to use Mambo, an open-source CMS (« Content Management System »), now Joomla, one of the best software on the market to create dynamic websites.

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